Grooming Children

Child sex offenders often record the sexual abuse they commit and share their self-produced child sexual abuse material with others. Child sex offenders also show child sexual abuse material to potential child victims, grooming them into believing that sexual acts between a child and an adult are normal behavior. In short, child sex offenders use child sexual abuse material as trophies of their criminal conquests and as a tool to groom new victims online. Child sexual abuse material should not be available, since it is evidence of a crime against a child.

Alcohol & Drugs

Law enforcement agencies confirm that a significant number of child sexual abuse cases involve drugs and alcohol. Child sex offenders often lure children with offers of alcohol and computer games in attempt to form a bond of trust and understanding. For non-compliant children, some offenders first drug then sexually abuse the child, since they can more easily overpower and control drugged and drunken children. Some offenders go even further by creating a drug dependency to lure the child back.

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