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Thailand is home to the first Harmonic Egg in Asia in August 2022

We are proud owners of the first Harmonic Egg in Asia. The “Bangkok Egg” arrives August 2022.

The Harmonic Egg, shown here with its creator Gail Lynn, offers non-intrusive, energy therapy using sound, light, and color. As stated on her website, the Egg promotes health and wellness by utilizing “the energy found within the body to allow cells to reset and re-balance and encourage natural healing”.

Harmonic Egg Sessions

Let your mind take a break as you relax to the sounds and colors meticulously composed and tested to promote healing.

Each session includes 50 minutes of energy relaxation and a little extra time for consultation. The Bangkok Egg is sanitized before and after each in-Egg session.

Pre-book in advance of our August 2022 Grand Opening and get 15% off the rates shown. Session prices are shown in Thai baht. The remote session rate is the standard Harmonic Egg remote rate.

Proceeds from our Harmonic Egg services help fund SafeguardKids operations. You can purchase a session for a child to directly contribute to their healing journey.

Remote Session 2,700 THB
(~$85 USD)
In Egg: 2022 Rates
Single Session3,000 THB
3 Monthly Sessions8,100 THB
6 Monthly Sessions15,000 THB
12 Monthly Sessions27,000 THB
harmonic egg remote session photo

Euphonics IS Wellness

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