Therapeutic Programs

Deep healing
for deep wounds

The abusers may be long gone, but the traumatic memories can remain for decades. SafeguardKids shares alternative ways to release the trauma.


The state of our hearts affects the rest of our body systems. Research by HeartMath Institute found “how and why heart activity affects mental clarity, creativity, emotional balance, intuition and personal effectiveness”. Our optimal state of health centers on heart coherence, which is a state that HeartMath explains is “associated with increased cognitive function, self-regulatory capacity, emotional stability and resilience”.

Chronic emotional wounds detrimentally affect our heart coherence. They can remain in our bodies throughout our lifetime and can manifest into physical illnesses. SafeguardKids offer courses for children on identifying, managing and releasing negative emotions, moving towards heart coherence.


When our minds are clear and aligned with our coherent hearts, we have better access to creative consciousness. “Creative consciousness is where we are best able to express ourselves, identify ourselves, and progress ourselves to a greater state of being” says Randy Veitenheimer, an energy healer and developer of Creative Energetic Health.

Thinking about traumatic memories puts us in a state where we relive the trauma and feel the pain again and again. Child victims of trauma unnecessarily suffer from the trauma when these memories take over their minds. This revictimization also slows down the process to recovery. SafeguardKids teaches children to calm their “monkey minds” of distracting thoughts, bring their attention to the present moment, and empower children to take control of their thoughts.


Our bodies reflect the state of our hearts and minds. When our hearts and mind are aligned coherently and we take care of our bodies, we are in the optimum state of functioning and health. We shift from the state of survival to the state of creation, as Dr. Joe Dispenza would say. Dr. Joe Dispenza is an world renown expert in mind-body medicine, epigenetics, and brain/heart coherence.

SafeguardKids organizes workshops and retreats for child trauma victims to ground their bodies, move their energy, and improve their physical health. Additionally, our retreats allow children to connect with and be of service to nature. For example, we partner with an organization that restores marine ecology, including coral reefs and sea turtles, and another that protects forests called the Tropical Forest Foundation.

In April 2022, Euphonics Inner Space Wellness Center will offer services of the first Harmonic Egg in Asia. Located in Bangkok near Kasetsart University, the Bangkok Egg is providing the public with non-invasive energy therapy to improve health and wellness. Proceeds of Euphonics’s services helps fund SafeguardKids operations.