Educational Programs

Empower through knowledge
and know-how

SafeguardKids educational programs shares more than just knowledge on harm.
We demonstrate how to respond appropriately and effectively.

Empowering Kids

Children are spending more time online for fun and for school. Studies show that the longer children are directly exposed to the Internet, whether for entertainment or for schoolwork, their risk to online harm increases, especially through social media (DQ Institute Impact Report 2018).

We all have a role to play in the safety of our children. Parents and teachers must play an active role in guiding children’s interactions with content and with people online and offline.

SafeguardKids offers educational programs for children, parents and teachers to guide safer interactions.

Safety Ambassadors

Younger children model behaviors of their parents and other older people around them. However, as children enter their teenage years, they tend to be more influenced by their peers. Older children and youths can better communicate with and relate to their peers.

To safeguard older children from harm and risky behavior, we grow youth ambassadors to share their experiences and the lessons they have learned. Youth Safety Ambassadors inspire young people to keep each other safe.

Compassionate Care

Many children need the services of trauma care providers, including social workers, medical staff, and therapists. It is vital to the child’s health and well-being that these care providers avoid revictimization through their engagements.

SafeguardKids educates trauma care providers on mindfulness of the needs of child victims of severe trauma. We also partner with Now.Here Global to emotionally rebalance and recenter trauma care providers through self-compassion programs.