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Snowy Smelser

Snow White O. Smelser

Social Enterprise Cofounder & Chief Vision Officer (Director)

Meet Snow White O. Smelser, the former Facebook Safety Policy Manager for the Asia-Pacific region and former GLO.ACT Project Officer for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Snow White cofounded SafeguardKids Social Enterprise to operate in parallel with SafeguardKids Foundation in Bangkok, Thailand, to keep children in Southeast Asia safe online and offline. She is also working remotely as the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer for the UNODC in Ethiopia. She brings to international organizations her passion to help the disempowered and vulnerable, her love of guiding and mentoring others, her artistry in stakeholder management, and her professional experience in international project management and training design and delivery. 

Snow White has over 17 years of professional work experience and expertise in criminal justice and crime prevention, program/project management, people management, technology, and education. She has worked for the Royal Thai Police in Bangkok on international crimes against children cases for four years, the UNODC in Bangkok (Regional Office for Southeast Asia and the Pacific) and in Vienna (Headquarters) on transnational organized crime programme and project management for eight years, and most recently for Facebook Asia-Pacific in Singapore on online safety policy and programs for over a year.

Snow White holds a Master of Criminal Justice from Boston University and a Project Management Certificate from Cornell University. She is fluent in English and Thai.

Snow White has been invited to join the Advisory Board of World Childhood Foundation, founded by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden and co-founded by Mr. Sven Philip Sorensen.  

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Phaephirat (Pear) Jearmsilpa

Phaephirat (Pear) Jearmsilpa

Social Enterprise Co-founder & Project Officer

Meet Phaephirat (Pear) Jearmsilpa, a social entrepreneur at heart. Pear has spent the last 10 years ensuring the safety and comfort of thousands of international travelers. As a Flight Attendant for Royal Jordanian Airlines, she protected travellers by identifying and addressing risks to their safety, particularly in the event of an emergency situation. Beyond providing top quality customer service, Pear developed problem solving skills with tact, grace and diplomacy in enforcing company policies – especially to protect children and the dignity of women.

Following her role as a flight attendant, Pear is following her passion and has cofounded SafeguardKids Social Enterprise. Pear holds a strong desire to share her experiences and lessons learned with children and youth across Thailand so that they may avoid exploitation and abuse.

Pear has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Thammasat University, has a strong interest in child protection and project management, and is fluent in Thai and English. She is currently taking an online course with Harvard University onChild Protection: Children’s Rights in Theory and Practice: Learn how to protect children from violence, exploitation, and neglect through law, policy, and practice in a human rights framework“.

Schle Wood-thanan

Schle Wood-thanan

Social Enterprise Cofounder & Foundation Chairman

Meet Schle Wood-thanan, PASAYA’s founder – a textile engineer who graduated from The Philadelphia College of Textile and Science, the very same innovative birthplace of NASA’s astronaut uniforms. All of his designs work to answer the four main purposes in life; Art, Functionality, Health, and Humanity. This vision is what shapes the PASAYA brand and all of its unique creations, resulting in quality textiles where social responsibility is always at the core.

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