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The Harmonic Egg’s now in Thailand!

We are proud to announce that a new form of healing technology is now available in Thailand. Research on sound healing and color healing modalities have shown positive impact on alleviating stress and trauma. The Harmonic Egg incorporates sound and light combinations to bring relief and deep relaxation to clients.

Our mobile center – Euphonics IS Wellness – is currently in Phuket, Thailand. We are bringing the Harmonic Egg to Krabi from April to October and then to Bangkok from October 2023 onwards.

Please contact us to find out our location and availability before booking your flights and accommodation.

LINE: euphonics.thailand

IG: @euphonics.thailand

How much is a session? Please review the Harmonic Egg session details for more info.

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Trauma from childhood abuse can be released from our heart, mind, and body. Scientific research shows the significant impact energy therapies have on releasing trauma, as well as boosting immunity. Energy therapy sessions can be done either in-person or remotely to have an impact.

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