Inspiring Compassion

Broken Hearts, Broken Minds

He walked to a neighbor’s house and asked if there was any yard work he could do. Smelling the alcohol on his breath, the neighbor hesitated and decided to let him inside the back yard. As she walked him to the back yard, she told him, “The tree needs some trimming. The branches are growing […]

Impact of Abuse

Sexual abuse has LIFELONG EFFECTS on exploited children. Being sexually abused as a child will impact deeply with long-term effects. Some abused children are severely damaged, both physically and emotionally; others recuperate without obvious dysfunctions and can go on with their lives. Many repress their experiences but risk developing social and sexual distortions. Offenders often […]

Forms of Abuse

Sexual Abuse of Children Sexual abuse of children covers a wide variety of activities, from the seemingly innocent to the blatantly obvious and damaging. Intent is the key. To be defined as sexual abuse of children, there must be an intention to create sexual arousal or gratification. This must not be confounded with normal endearments or […]

Child Protection is Investing in a Nation’s Future

By Snow White O. Smelser, UNODC, for the April 2015 issue of Forbes Thailand Magazine Children should be viewed as a country’s most valuable resource, so when they are abused and exploited, the annual economic costs to a country can be quite phenomenal. Even if there were no economic costs, children should still be protected […]