Dear Thais, report child exploitation!

Today in Thailand, social media posts of a famous Thai music producer and his 9-year-old daughter are going viral.

These photos can appear both innocent and disturbing in the eyes of the general public. His hand is in her pants. His hand is under her shirt. The photos of his interaction with the girl are clearly not rape of a child. So, can we – the public – just dismiss reporting them?

Before answering that question, let’s play a critical thinking game with this scenario. Instead of the 9-year-old daughter, imagine this man putting his hands into the pants and under the shirt of:

  • his young son
  • his adult son
  • his adult daughter
  • his own mother
  • his own father
  • his coworker
  • his adult wife/girlfriend

How would the son, daughter, mother, father, coworker, and wife/girlfriend likely feel and react? In which scenario above would it be appropriate for the adult male to slide his hands under someone’s clothing?

A child by nature is physically and psychologically vulnerable to exploitation by adults.

What the photos show appear to be grooming or inappropriate interaction with a child. This can be reported!

Please report any video, photo, caption, or comment that shows:

  • sexualization of children (boys or girls)
  • inappropriate interaction with children
  • promotion of sexual exploitation of children

You can help protect children by reporting such “creepy” content via:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook, Instagram
    • Click “…” and select “Report” … sexual content … involving a child.

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