Victims to Victors

Words have power. Words can also disempower. We must mindfully choose the words and phrases used to label situations and people.

Among those who have suffered traumatic childhood experiences, the word “victim” may trap them in a victim mindset or may limit their ability to realize their full potential. Some call themselves “experiencers” to neutralize the emotional pain associated with victimization.

Many have chosen to call themselves “survivors”. What comes to mind when you hear the word “survivor”? Drowning, fires, plane crashes, car accidents, tsunamis.

The label “survivor” captures the stage of overcoming life-threatening trauma lost in the label “victim”.

“Survivor” however can sound inadequate in capturing the full journey of the person who endures lengthy waves of childhood trauma.

Would “victor” better describe the eventual achievement of being released from the physical, mental, and emotional chains of continuous victimization? “Victor” may better capture the complex journey of overcoming of adverse childhood experiences.

We at SafeguardKids want to guide those who have suffered childhood trauma from victim to survivor to victor of their life journeys. More importantly, we serve to educate children and caregivers on ways to prevent harm to children.

Let’s continue to invest in the safety and well-being of children and expand their creative potential.

Join us in supporting the next generation of innovators, creators, and caregivers.

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