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Based in Thailand, SafeguardKids is a for-impact organization that places children who have experienced multiple forms of trauma – especially from sexual abuse – at the center of our work. SafeguardKids addresses the abuse victim’s journey of discovery to recovery and prevents child abuse through education. We work to increase resilience among children, increase reporting of sexual exploitation, and help victims heal.


Dear Women Leaders, Please Safeguard Children in Business and Tech

On 25 June 2022, hundreds of women business and ministerial leaders from 60 countries gathered at the Bangkok Convention Center for the closing of the 3-day Global Summit of Women. During the closing…

Sponsor an ET Session

Trauma from childhood abuse can be released from our heart, mind, and body. Scientific research shows the significant impact energy therapies have on releasing trauma, as well as boosting immunity. Energy therapy sessions…

Rights to Play & Learn

All children have the right to go to school and learn and have fun, regardless of who they are, where they live or how much money their family has. SafeguardKids has been engaged…

Childhood Webinar 2021 on COVID-19 Action

A free webinar on what we can do to protect children in Thailand during COVID-19 was held in December 2021. World Childhood Foundation, ECPAT International, and Embassy of Sweden in Thailand hosted this…

Dear Thais, report child exploitation!

Today in Thailand, social media posts of a famous Thai music producer and his 9-year-old daughter are going viral. These photos can appear both innocent and disturbing in the eyes of the general…

Wellness Technology

We understand that traumatic memories from childhood can remain and impact a person’s health and behavior long into adulthood. Researching alternative therapies to release this trauma informs our program of services. We went…

Our Programs

We deliver educational programs to empower children, innovative solutions to report abuse, and therapeutic services to heal the effects of abuse.

Empower through knowledge and know-how

SafeguardKids educational programs shares more than just knowledge on harm. We demonstrate how to respond appropriately and effectively.

Sharing expertise to uplift society

The SafeguardKids team are honored to share expertise with others who work to protect children.

Deep healing for deep wounds

The abusers may be long gone, but the traumatic memories can remain for decades. SafeguardKids shares alternative ways to release the trauma.

Our Geoscope

SafeguardKids is based in Thailand. We pilot our projects in Thailand, with the aim to expand or replicate them in countries across Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

We serve children in metropolitan areas as well as in remote rural areas.